To Believe or Not to Believe? Tom Cruise Is Planning a Scientology Production Company

Photo: Gage Skidmore

Tom Cruise just silenced any rumors that he’s a) sane, b) leaving Scientology. Well, The Daily Mail silenced the rumors, so do with this information as you please. The UK tabloid reported this afternoon that everyone’s favorite 5-foot-7 couch jumper is helping the Church of Scientology build a TV news network and media company in the heart of Hollywood. The so-called Scientology Media Productions will rival CNN with (very filtered) news coverage and Paramount studios with one-of-a-kind facilities on Sunset Boulevard.

We’re really not sure what to believe, mainly because a couple of things from the story jump out at us as a little, um, fabricated. For one, The Daily Mail reports that Sea Org workers are being paid less than a dollar a day to build the site (how FIFA of them). Second, the studio might be used to attract actresses to be Cruise’s girlfriend (this is apparently similar to how Cruise turned Joey Potter into the mother of his child).

Either way, we find the creation of a Scientology production company nothing short of entertaining. John Travolta would play a mean L. Ron Hubbard, and we can see Elisabeth Moss winning a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the vanished Shelly Miscavige.


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