Today is #MyFreedomDay: Fighting Modern Day Slavery

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Image: CNN

It seems almost unthinkable – but approximately 5.5 million children around the world are victims of some form of modern day slavery. And so in hopes of recruiting a whole new generation of activists to take up the fight against this horrific reality, CNN asked young people around the world to come together on this day, March 14, for the inaugural #MyFreedomDay.

The kids did indeed rise to the occasion, with students all over the globe (from Tokyo to Rio, Mumbai to Jakarta to Hong Kong and beyond) having organized events to bring awareness to the nightmare of human trafficking – especially as it relates to children.

CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout proclaimed¬†that, “This is the beginning of a movement that starts today.”

All those participating are encouraged to Tweet their stories using #MyFreedomDay, for the purposes of spreading consciousness and strengthening the sense of international solidarity on this exceedingly imperative issue.