This Iggy Pop PETA Video Will Warm Your Heart

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He once remarked that he ate steak every day. And his decades-long immersion in rock & roll debauchery was, of course, the stuff of legend.

But when not on stage, Iggy Pop now lives a fairly laid-back life in Miami, and adheres to a strict vegan/macrobiotic diet. This nutritional awakening has coincided with a greater consciousness regarding animal rights and a focus on their humane treatment – including his appearance in a promotional PETA video about the horrifying abuse of baby seals.

But his newest spot for PETA trades the pathos for heartwarming heroism – with an animated Iggy roaming the streets and forests, rescuing animals from a masked villain who is intending to do them harm. Nick Cave’s uncharacteristically folkie 2004 song “Breathless” provides the soundtrack, with the Head Bad Seed appropriately crooning, “The sky of daytime dies away / And all the earthly things they stop to play / For we are all breathless without you.”

Notably, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) had actually lost a bit of its zeitgeisty relevance in the new century – after being the “pet” celebrity cause of the ’90s. But a greater overall consciousness regarding healthy, sustainable eating has brought their work very much back to the fore. Minus the blood splattered fur.