The New Belle and Sebastian Video for ‘This Letter’ is Beautifully Meditative



We admit, that despite our generally impressive resolve, we’ve been feeling beaten down by the ominous socio-political reality of 2019. And so we have recently chosen to lose ourselves in the hopeful embrace of the bewitching new Belle and Sebastian track “Sister Buddha.”

But the iconic Scottish indie-poppers have taken a turn towards introspection on the bittersweet current single “This Letter,” with its lyrical musings of, “I’m inclined to tell you all about the truth / Years of wondering what you were thinking of / I’ve given into endless days of being a sloth.” A wistful acoustic guitar and opulent strings give it a sense of timelessness, albeit a very Anglo sounding one.



The accompanying lo-fi, but beautifully shot video follows Glasgow trio Wet Look playing and filming themselves, meta in its most charming form.

It’s directed by frontman Stuart Murdoch, who explains, “I called upon Wet Look to help me out. They play three tired film crew people, who just made a Belle and Sebastian video – but they quite fancy having a go at filming themselves, so they get hold of Super 8 cameras, and start messing about.”

The track is taken from their current Matador Records released record Days of the Bagnold Summer. The band will also play several European live dates in October and November, including the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris.


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