‘The Design Hotels Book 2020’ Fêtes 25 Years of Visionary Hospitality



Now that every corporate hospitality brand is in the “boutique” hotel business, it can be hard to remember just how thrilling it was when it was still an independent, visionary phenomenon. Indeed, from Munich to Miami to Marrakech, daring hoteliers were changing the way we stay, and the way we see.

Another such visionary was Claus Sendlinger, who founded Design Hotels in 1994, before there was even really a widely discernible boutique hotel industry. But the organization collected those that did exist into its exacting ideology, as a way of presenting a unified, yet wildly divergent new culture.

The Design Hotels Book 2020 will be released this fall to celebrate 25 years of opposition to all the banal conceptions of hospitality that came before it. Beautifully shot by such venerable photographers as Robbie Lawrence, Jake Curtis, Danilo Scarpati and Nacho Alegre, it features thoughtful, extended essays on 25 new, carefully selected member hotels – from the Stamba Hotel in Tbilisi to the Dexamenes Seaside Hotel on the Peloponnese Coast to the stunning Kazerne hotel in the Netherlands – from the perspectives of design, art, food and anything else that makes a genuinely great hotel.



Of course, Design Hotels now represents over 300 hotels in more than 60 countries – and each is presented on the pages of the book in the most visually dynamic way. Some long time devotees, like us, have even been known to use the directory as a travel wish list for the coming year.

“These hotels stand out because of the people behind them,” says current Design Hotels™ CEO Peter Cole. “These are true originals, whose passion, sensibility, and vision shine through in the minutest details of the guest experience.”

The Design Hotels Book 2020 will be released October 28, but is available now for pre-order.


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