Synthtastic! New Pet Shop Boys Single ‘Monkey Business’ is Their Best in Years



Never ever being boring, Pet Shop Boys‘ Neil Tennant declared to The Guardian in a recent interview that “the acoustic guitar should be banned.” This was particularly cheeky, as new track “Burning the Heather” actually uses an acoustic guitar.

The song is taken from their brilliant, rapturously reviewed new album Hotspot, which follows 2013’s Electric and 2016’s Super as a trilogy of sorts—all with producer Stuart Price—returning them to their electronic essence. It will be released Friday, January 24, and some of the British press are predicting it will be the duo’s first number one in more than two decades.



And we seriously can’t get enough of new single “Monkey Business,” which seamlessly blends Kraftwerkian blip and bleep synths with lush, disco opulence into an infectious dancefloor stunner. The accompanying video fittingly finds the Boys at a trashy-glamorous nightclub, observing very flamboyantly attired fellow clubgoers tripping the light fantastic in the campiest of all possible ways.

It’s to be followed by a 25-date, European “Greatest Hits” tour, kicking off in Berlin May 1. No word on them bringing it to the States…so it’s the perfect excuse for a spring fling in Hamburg or Vienna.


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