Support This! ‘Feed the Kids’ Campaign is Raising Money to Feed Detained, Separated Immigrant Children

Above image from the HBO documentary Which Way Home


Despite Trump’s executive order (signed obviously under grudging pressure), far too much damage has already been done by separating scared, confused immigrant children from their families at the U.S. border. Thousands of kids and parents have been traumatized by the callousness of these actions – and months of legal entanglements yet lay ahead.

But people are taking grassroots action in response. To wit, a new GoFundMe just popped up, titled simply ‘Feed the Kids,’¬†and it’s on a mission to get home-cooked meals to those same children. Especially as most detention centers serve nothing more than bagged chips and packaged, processed foods from large corporations with the best contract deals.

Children, surely, should never be made to feel like prisoners; and a meal is not a replacement for the comfort of a mother’s hug. But they can be reminded that they are not being forgotten. Starting in the Bronx and then branching out to detention centers in Texas, Arizona and San Diego, Feed the Kids says it will coordinate to bring familiar, nutritious foods to the little ones. And through the combined effort of local restaurants, government officials and chefs, they will ensure that these donations go directly to where they need to.

Send a message to the children: that someone is here, ready to help them in some small way.

Donate here.

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