Simple Recipes for Joy by Yogi to the Stars Sharon Gannon

Activist, author, dancer. Yogi and teacher to the stars and seekers, Jivamukti founder, Sharon Gannon’s latest book, “Recipes for Joy” is an expression of her golden heart. Sharon Gannon has created a truly delightful and frankly, yummy (note to Self, YAM is the Sanskrit tone that brings harmony to the Heart Chakra) invitation to activate any desire you may have to learn and live a Vegan life.

Watch the interview here:

“Sharon’s food nourishes AND enlightens. As a long time devoted fan of her Jivamukti Cafe and her yoga teachings, I can’t wait to experiment with her alchemy at home. She’s finally given up her secrets.” –Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Noah)

“Sharon is my Guru—I like eating anything she’s dishing out. Her teachings on yoga and veganism have positively transformed my life. She is not only an example of someone who walks the talk, but she excels in so many areas, teacher, philosopher, activist, artist, musician and cook, showing us all that through devotion to God one can become a divine instrument and with God’s great love all is possible.” –Russell Simmons

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Donna D’Cruz, Rasa Living, consults businesses and individuals on Spirit, Senses, and Style. She is a DJ/Performer, Designer and leads regular Meditation events at Phoenix House (America’s Oldest Drug and Rehab Center and The Standard Hotel “DIP INTO BLISS” (R).” 


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