11 Links for Those Experiencing SERIAL Withdrawal

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12 episodes later, Serial is over. But we feel far from done with Adnan Syed. In fact, what we really think is that Deirdre Enright, of the UVA Innocence Project, needs her own podcast so we can follow what happens from here. Sarah Koenig, as good a storyteller, or as talented a journalist as she may be, is not (as she repeats a number of times during the series) a detective, or lawyer, or in any position to draw conclusions. Deirdre, however, is. (Fingers crossed).

While we wait, however, for more news on Syed’s case, we can satiate our Serial cravings with an abundance of reading.

1. First things first, did you see Funny or Die’s parody? Check that out here.

2. ‘Whether or not you found the show’s ending satisfying depends on what you were listening to it for

3. The psychologizing of Serial

4. The NYT reflections

5. The racial complications of Koenig’s reporting

6. The New Yorker on what we learned from Serial 

7. Serial and Memory

8. Over at Vox, a very positive response to the finale

9. A societal obsession with the stories of murdered women?

10. Serial has also proved a veritable source of musical inspiration. Serial’s Theme Song gets mashed up with Notorious B.I.G. 

11. The Mail Kimp Remix (or as we see it, the best money MailChimp ever spent)

To say that there’s an abundance of reading material would be an understatement. I’m capping this list of at 10, because the frustrating truth (if you’re like me) is that no article will provide a more conclusive conclusion. For that, we’ll keep praying for Enright to get a podcast of her very own.