“SERIAL” UPDATE: What You Need to Know about Asia McClain’s New Affidavit

The aftermath of “Serial,” that wildly, unprecedentedly popular podcast that you probably already listened to, has become a cacophony of voices resurfacing.

What’s Happened Since the Finale

Before we get to the very latest, let’s quickly and briefly review some of the post-finale events. Sarah Koenig, host of “Serial,” connected Adnan Syed with Deirdre Enright, who runs the Innocence Project at UVA who is now heading up an effort to reexamine Syed’s case, with plans to petition for DNA testing.

Then came the three-part clickbait-y interview with Jay Wilds, published on The Intercept.

She Said: Asia from “The Asia Letters” Speaks Up

Asia McClain, as in the Asia from Koenig’s nicknamed “Asia Letters, ” is the latest ‘character’ to come forward. McClain adamantly refutes claims that she withdrew an affidavit stating that she’d been at the library and had a conversation with Syed the day he had supposedly murdered his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. When news broke that Syed was being arrested for Lee’s murder, McClain said the news hit hard. She wasn’t a friend of Syed’s and was left McClain in shock. “I didn’t know when they suspected he killed her, so when I first remembered it, my first thought was initially, Oh God, did we talk about something that made him upset and, you know, did he kill her? I didn’t know,” McClain told The Blaze in the latest big news. McClain still remembers Syed as “extremely calm and caring,” and as having had no “ill will towards [Hae Min Lee] her.”

He Said: Case Prosecutor Kevin Urick Stands his Ground

Urick, however, originally testified that McClain had been coerced. “She told me that she’d only written it because she was getting pressure from the family, and she basically wrote it to please them and get them off her back,” Urick testified. Now, he tells The Blaze that McClain’s new affidavit, denying this is absolutely false.

So Now What?

In addition to her interview withThe Blazer, McClain has provided a new affidavit. She says she hadn’t been aware that her timing was in direct opposition to the timing for Lee’s murder that was used to convict Syed. She told The Blaze:  “I really didn’t realize how, I guess you could say how weak the state’s case was, the information, the evidence that they had and the testimony that they had.” She denies any involvement on Syed’s family’s part and says that, “My only goal has always been, to provide the truth about what I remembered.”

The new affidavit is expected to be used in a filing by Syed’s defense team Tuesday morning.

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