Rock Those Pearly Whites – Lenny Kravitz is Doing a Toothpaste!


Next up in celebrity spokesperson match ups that you didn’t see coming…Lenny Kravitz and Twice toothpaste. May sound strange, but it actually makes sense. Allow us to break it down for you.

Brothers Julian and Cody Levine and music legend Kravitz co-founded Twice upon seeing an epidemic of poor oral health conditions – due to the inaccessibility of proper dental care – while on a visit to the Bahamas in 2016. This eye-opening trip and the fact that over 100 million Americans do not brush twice daily led Lenny and the Levine brothers to seek to improve that statistic and revitalize oral care. Not to mention that it immediately sparked the idea to name the brand “Twice” (Get it?).

Twice offers two refreshing flavors of toothpaste, Early Bird and Twilight, and, you guessed it: one is meant for the morning, while the other is for nocturnal brushing. While we personally think the names should have been “Are You Gonna Brush My Way?” and “It Ain’t Over ’Til They’re Sparkling,” we understand the more practical considerations.


Early Bird is meant to awaken you with it’s energizing blast of wintergreen and peppermint. When it’s time to hit the hay, Twilight hits you with a calming combo of peppermint, vanilla, and a touch of lavender (sort of like a quick visit to Provence before bedtime).

Twice is now available to purchase as “The Duo” for $18.99, or individually for $9.99 on their site. And while it seeks to improve smiles all over the world, 10% of all proceeds also go to benefit the GLO Good Foundation, bringing healthy smiles to communities in need with life changing dentistry, education, and supplies.

Keep an eye out in 2019, as Twice will be expanding and releasing new products. We’re still hoping for “My Mama Said to Brush Before Bed.”

(N.B. – Lenny’s brilliant new album Raise Vibration was released this past September, and he’ll be touring South America and Europe in the spring.)


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