Ricky Gervais Holds Forth (Hilariously) on Donald Trump

Ah, the “Special Relationship.” The Brits and the Americans, like a tired old married couple, no?

Britain, as we know, is going through one of the biggest crises of identity and allegiance in its history: whether or not to carry out a “Brexit,” and actually secede from the European Union. Barack Obama weighed in with a definitive “NO.” And no small number of highly placed Brits, including London Mayor Boris Johnson, told him to mind his own bloody business. Tut tut.

Now in the latest cover story of The Hollywood Reporter, Ricky Gervais (cheeky bloke, he) goes and turns the tables. The British comedian (who, for what it’s worth, has achieved massive success in the US, primarily by insulting our biggest celebrities) tells America, “You get what you deserve.” He is, of course, referring to Donald Trump essentially securing the Republican presidential nomination, and having also already won the scorn of the newly elected London (and Muslim) Mayor Sadiq Khan.

At the same time, Gervais admits that life hasn’t just imitated art, but actually bested it. Indeed, he reckons that Trump’s rudeness and impropriety have decisively outdone any of the characters he’s ever played, even the spectacularly improper David Brent.

Read the full, impertinent story, here.

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