Princess Nokia Threw Hot Soup in a Racist’s Face on the New York Subway

Photography: Mayan Toledano for MadeMe


Rising rapper Princess Nokia stood up against racism this week on the New York L train, and the entire series of events has been documented online.

After a drunk man, identified as Paul Lawson, called a group of teenage boys the n-word, Nokia (real name: Destiny Frasqueri) slapped him in the face. He then proceeded to call her said word, which led other train passengers to join the rapper in forcefully removing the man from the subway car. Nokia is the first to explain that this removal involved kicking the man and throwing soup in his face.



Always one to stand up against racism, Nokia explained over Twitter that, “I will do anything to defend the honor of my brothers and sisters.” She’s also known for her strong stance against sexism – she regularly requires men to stand at the back of her concerts so women can “take up space the way men do.”


Read Nokia’s recount of the events, below.


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