Peter Bjorn and John Announce New EP + US and European Tour Dates


Like so many others pushed to an emotional breaking point, Peter Bjorn and John had absorbed all the divisiveness of the international socio-political zeitgeist, and out came their most somber record to date, 2018’s fittingly titled Darker Days.

Now, to kick 2019 into gear, the Stockholm trio have announced the new three-song EPBJ, to be released February 22 on their venerable INGRID label. The new music finds them in a bit more of a wistful mode, both sonically and introspectively. So don’t expect it to be cheering up your winter. 

Indeed, the striking opener “Bones” starts with the anguished admission, “Haven’t you heard that I’m falling to pieces”? It’s followed by “Darker Days,” a meditation on long, dark Swedish nights, and then “Saying Goodbye,” a pensive, McCartney-esque ballad.

For those who missed them last autumn, another round of touring will take PB&J from London on March 5, across Europe to Moscow, then arriving in Philadelphia April 24 for eight North American dates. In June, they’ll play their first ever show in Croatia, sharing a bill with Garbage and The Cure at the INmusic festival.


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