PETA Infiltrates Hermès by Buying a Stake in the Company

The Hermès Birkin croco bag

The saga of Jane Birkin, PETA and Hermès is just getting started. In the news now: PETA has purchased a small stake of Hermès in order to have access to shareholder meetings and in the hopes that as a new shareholder, it’ll have a say on the exotic skins Hermès uses to create bags, i.e. PETA hopes to be able to stop the use of exotic skins in accessories — permanently.

According to WWD, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals now owns a single share in the French luxury leather goods house. PETA by way of its U.K. director Mimi Bekhechi, told WWD:

“As a shareholder, PETA U.S. will work from inside to demand a permanent ban on accessories made from exotic animal skins, including crocodile skin bags and alligator skin watch bands.”

Early this week, Jane Birkin asked PETA to remove her name from the Birkin crocodile bag after PETA released an investigation report that claimed farms in Texas and Zimbabwe that supply Hermès were sawing open live crocodiles. Which is horrific. Hermès politely declined the request, stating these farms don’t supply the house. Catch up on those stories here and here.

Keep your enemies close?

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