Create a City Out of Legos at Olafur Eliasson’s High Line Art Installation

Olafur Eliasson
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Installation view courtesy High Line Art

Everything is awesome! Internationally renowned installation artist Olafur Eliasson is inviting passersby of the High Line to participate in his new work, The collectivity project. The task? Create your vision of an ideal city…with legos.

Open daily from 10am to 7pm until September 30, visitors are encouraged to come, build and rebuild an imaginary skyline with hundreds of white legos at their disposal. When the project opened on May 29, Eliasson collaborated with several Manhattan architectural firms to create a few structures in order to get the ball rolling; all were quickly rebuilt by participants. In a press release, the ultimate outcome of the project is illuminated,

“As the inevitable entropy of the piece begins to soften the hard edges of the designed structures, and mounds of loose pieces gather in the corners between buildings, a beautiful collective creation takes form.”

The utopian vision of the project coupled with the nostalgic materials and relational aesthetics is typical of the Danish-Icelandic artist’s work, highlights of which include 2003’s The weather project,where he turned the turbine hall of the Tate Modern into a simulated atmosphere with humidifiers, lights and mirrors.

You can participate in The collectivity project this summer on the High Line at W 30th St.