The Slurpee, Bad Cop + Con Bus Ride

Kim Jong-Un ‘Reelected’
How surprising! No one else was on the ballot. 

Baby Charged With Attempted Murder
The baby, Musa Kahn, is charged along with four adults for a violent protest in Lahore in February in which stones were thrown at gas-company workers attempting to disconnect households that didn’t pay up.

Feds Nab Miami Cop In Coke Ring
According to the federal complaint, the officer called himself “the Milk Man” and offered to have hit men dress up in police uniforms with badges so they could pull over drug rivals and shoot them.

10 Hours On A Bus With Newly Released Prisoners
Book your ticket today!

The Invention Of The Slurpee
Now that’s a brain freeze good idea.

Classic Album Covers In Google Street View
From Pink Floyd to PJ Harvey, the Street View specialist shows us the world’s cities through the lens of famous album covers.

Man Cleared Of Murder After 24 Years In Prison
Jonathan Fleming said he had been more than 1,000 miles away, on a vacation at Disney World. Despite having documents to back him up, he was convicted of murder.

How To Detect A Liar
Stop looking for anxiety and start looking for “cognitive load”.

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