Sex Robots, Ghost Bikes + Dead Archie

‘Ground Zero Mosque’ to be Razed
The mosque opened in September 2011, drawing controversy from critics who objected to a Muslim institution roughly two blocks north of Ground Zero.

Webcam Killer Found Guilty
A Toronto man was found guilty of killing a Chinese student whose last moments were witnessed via webcam by her boyfriend.

Egypt Jails Four Gay Men
A court in Egypt has sentenced four men to up to eight years in prison for committing homosexual acts.

Ghost Bikes Honor All Cyclists & Pedestrians Killed In NYC Last Year
In 2013, 168 pedestrians and 12 cyclists were killed by automobiles in New York City.

Man Arrested For Watching Pornography On The Sidewalk
The police arrested a homeless man in Harlem because he was standing on the sidewalk watching pornography on a portable DVD player.

The Death of Archie
“Life With Archie” #36 hits stores on July 16. It tells the story of how Archie sacrifices himself to save a friend. Archie will die.

Nipple, Penis Or Nostril — What’s The Most Painful Place To Be Stung By A Bee?
The answer will make you say “ouch.”

Robots and Sex: Creepy or Cool?
Let’s face it: the sex robot invasion is not too far away…

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