NEWS BITES: Juggalos, Marijuana in New York, and Macy’s

Insane Clown Posse Sues Justice Department For FBI’s ‘Gang’ Label

A 2011 FBI report described the rap-metal’s devoted fans the Juggalos as a dangerous gang, 

NY Gives Thumbs Up To Medical Marijuana

New York Governor Cuomo announced he will authorize the use of medical marijuana, making New York the 21st US state to do so. That makes me sick!

Rodman Hostage Comments Apology

Dennis Rodman has become the Rob Ford of Basketball.

Macy’s to Lay Off 2,500

Along with that, six stores will be closed – the move will save Macy’s $100 million.

T-Mobile Will Pay Termination Fees

To coax you to their company, T-Mobile will pay your early termination fees to switch phone companies. Yes, but will they fix all the goddamn drop-off zones in NY?

Brooklyn Slumlord Slaying Caught On Tape

Killers laid in wait for several hours, then attacking the victim, binding him with duct-tape and throwing him into a van shortly after 11:30 that night.

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