NEWS BITES: Kurt Cobain Suicide Photo, Dead Phelps, Nazi Art

New Photos From Cobain Suicide Released

Police on Thursday released previously unseen images showing drug paraphernalia from the scene of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s suicide 20 years ago.

Iran Leader: Holocaust ‘Uncertain’

Reality of Holocaust ‘uncertain,’ says Iran’s Supreme Leader. Ayatollah Ali Khameini also said that the U.S. plan for Palestine “did not work and, God willing, will not work either.”

Fred Phelps Is Dead

God Hates Fred Phelps.

B15 Bus Rider Fatally Shot When 14-Year-Old Fires ‘Wildly’

A passenger on a B15 bus was killed last night by a teenager who was apparently targeting a rival.

Are You A Gentrifier?’ Bushwick Edition

Does anyone ever want to admit that their mere presence in a place is altering the landscape of the community?

Sochi Is Deserted

Center of the world one day; haven for stray dogs the next.

Singer Anita Baker Wanted by Police

A bench warrant has been issued for the arrest of singer-songwriter Anita Baker in a lawsuit that alleges she failed to pay more than $15,000 for work done on her Grosse Pointe home.

Norwegian Museum Agrees To Return Nazi-Looted Matisse

The Matisse was once looted by Hermann Goering to the family of Jewish art dealer Paul Rosenberg.

Hawaii Cops Want To Keep Law That Allows Sex With Hookers

Cops in Hawaii want to keep a rare state law on the books.

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