NEWS BITES: Beastie Boys, Bitcoins, & Tripsitters

You Got To Fight For Your Right For Beastie Boy Square

Brooklyn’s favorite sons need a street named after them.

Obama To Reveal Overhaul To NSA

Among the changes is a requirement that agencies obtain permission from secret courts before tapping into phone data.

Guess What? Smoking Is Worse Than You Thought

Roughly half a million people died from smoking-related diseases in 2012,

Bitcoins Accepted by NBA

Bitcoins go legit; Sacramento Kings now accept the currency for tickets.

NSA Recruits Hackers

So you hack into Target’s data system; that looks great on the resume!

Tripsitters: A Chat Room For Drugs

Meet the Internet community for those who need help with their drugs.

American Spies Want Snowden Dead

Making for the movie: Codename Snowden.

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