New Yoko Ono Track ‘Now or Never’ is a Poignant Plea For Sanity


In these bitterly contentious times, voices of genuine sanity are in worryingly short supply. But most encouragingly, the glorious and legendary Yoko Ono, at 85, is proving to be as essential as ever, when it comes to countering the madness with reason, empathy and forbearance.

And so it is that she has released a deeply poignant new single, “Now or Never,” which begs us in resolute earnestness to reach down deep for every bit of humanity and magnanimity that we can muster – as the only possible answer to our seemingly impending decline.

Indeed, she makes a most impassioned plea for benevolence, affectively entreating, “Are we gonna keep laying empty words and fists? / Are we gonna be remembered as the century that failed? / People of America / When will we learn / It’s now or never / There’s no time to lose.”

“The world is so messed up, it’s a warzone that we are living in,” she observes, while hopefully offering, “I like to create things in a new way. Every day things change.”

The song itself seems musically a tribute to her late husband, the still lamented John Lennon – and it might just bring you to tears considering how much he is missed at a time such as this.

It’s taken from her upcoming album Warzone, which will be released October 19 via Chimera Music. It cannot get here too soon.


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