New Order Release Fascinating Liam Gillick Live Video for ‘Utraviolence’

Image by Warren Jackson



When New Order released a post Peter Hook album, Music Complete, with a new lineup in 2015, they seemed to be speeding towards a whole new era of relevance, exhibiting a renewed energy that had arguably eluded them for years. Notably, their live shows over the last few years have consistently dazzled.

So, why not capture it in a recording?

They have, with new label Mute releasing possibly the most enigmatically titled album in pop history, ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes…, this July 12. Gillick, should you have missed it, is the venerable conceptual artist who has become something of a visual director to the band (like Anton Corbijn to Depeche Mode).



Recorded at the 2017 Manchester International Festival, it features well-loved hits like “Shellshock” and “Bizarre Love Triangle,” along with some surprising obscurities – one of which is the moody, solemn “Ultraviolence,” from their 1983 album Power, Corruption & Lies.

They have also chosen to release it as a live video, which effectively shows off the extent of Gillick’s influence on New Order’s current stage show. If it leaves you sufficiently intrigued, the band will take to the road again this July 7, for a 17-date UK/European tour that takes them into October.


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