Music for Meditation: Shudder To Think’s Craig Wedren Will Launch ‘Sabbath Sessions’ Podcast



As frontman for Shudder To Think, Craig Wedren cut one of the downtown NYC music scene’s most dashing figures—all shaved head, feather boas and riveting stare. STT finally called it quits in 2013, but the singer has carried on a prolific career scoring film and television, from the indiest of indie to the surprisingly mainstream.

Indeed, his credits include the likes of Role Models, School of Rock, Laurel Canyon, United States of Tara, and most recently, Netflix’ GLOW. But on February 19, he will further build his case as modern Renaissance man, with the launch of his mystically titled Sabbath Sessions podcast, which will at last share with the world his past six years of explorations and experimentations with ambient choral music (so no, don’t expect guest appearances by Halsey or Cardi B).

He enlightens, “Think of it as Smile-era Brian Wilson singing ambient Brian Eno—who is a huge influence—from Music for Airports to his fondness for feather boas. Or shoegaze ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ My love of John Cage and Steve Reich is in there, too.”



With each Session clocking in at 20 minutes, the music is intended as a possible accompaniment for yoga or transcendental meditation, both of which Wedren is a regular practitioner. Wellness has actually been a personal journey for him since surviving Hodgkins Lymphoma and a heart attack—so there is an element of spiritual immersion, surely.

“Every one of the Sabbath Sessions captures the acoustics and innate vibration of a space that’s sacred to me,” he reveals. “They are all about memory, nostalgia, space, and the vibrations that accompany them. For me, they become a healing catharsis taking me through the kinks of life, and helping to work them out. For listeners, I hope they become a kind of sonic, psychedelic mantra, with just enough to hold onto to take them to another place. The way dreams cleanse the mind at night…this is the musical version of that.”

A Sabbath Sessions launch event w/ sound bath will be taking place at Wanderlust in Los Angeles February 23—tickets can be purchased here.


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