Mika Announces ‘Tiny Love, Tiny Tour’ of North America + Mexico City This Fall



For awhile, all anybody could talk about regarding Mika was if he would be the one to play Freddie Mercury in what would eventually become the Oscar-winning biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. The November 2016 announcement that the role would go to Rami Malek then shifted the conversation to why it wouldn’t be Mika.

Eight long months on from the film’s debut, Mika has decisively steered the Mika conversation back to, well…Mika.

Indeed, his new single and video “Ice Cream” was released May 31 to much enthusiasm. And though it sounds like he’s been listening to a lot of Prince and Scissor Sisters, one can’t help but notice it makes no shame of paying groovalicious homage to Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.” The slinky, sultry synth-funk track finds him lasciviously rattling off clever couplets like, “The grass is turnin’ yellow /
Streets are slow and mellow” in a falsetto that would surely make Freddie proud.



It’s taken from his first new studio album in five years, My Name is Michael Holbrook (it is), out October 4.

“I didn’t know what to do when it came time to start the [recording] process and was honestly kind of at a loss,” MIKA recalls. “I felt a little disappointed by the commercial side of the industry. I didn’t want to make a record by numbers or by committee. I wanted to make an uncontaminated, homemade pop record.”

No surprise, he’s also just announced that he’ll be taking that new music out on the road this fall, for his Tiny Love, Tiny Tour of North America + Mexico City – before heading off on a not so tiny tour of Europe. If you’re planning to be in Zurich November 22, well…we’ll see you there.


Tiny Love, Tiny Tour

September 13                                          New York, NY                                          Brooklyn Steel
September 15                                           Montreal, QC                                                       Corona
September 16                                           Montreal, QC                                                       Corona
September 18                                      San Francisco, CA                                                  Fillmore
September 21                                         Los Angeles, CA                                                       ACE
September 24                                         Mexico City, MX                                       Plaza Condesa

Mika Live in Europe

November 10                                             London, UK                           Shepherd’s Bush Empire
November 12                                        Barcelona, Spain                                             Razzmatazz
November 13                                           Madrid, Spain                                                 La Riviera
November 15                                             Pau, France                                                          Zenith
November 16                                         Toulouse, France                                                     Zenith
November 18                                  Aix-en-Provence, France                     L’Arena du Pays d’Aix
November 19                                    Saint-Étienne, France                                                   Zenith
November 21                                     Geneva, Switzerland                              SEG Geneva Arena
November 22                                      Zurich, Switzerland                                        Komplex 457
November 24                                              Turin, Italy                                               Pala Alpitour
November 26                                           Ancona, Italy                                       Promenteo Palace
November 27                                           Roma, Italy                                             Palalottomatica
November 29                                          Bologna, Italy                                             Unipol Arena
November 30                                        Montichiari, Italy                                              Palageorge
December 2                                              Livorno, Italy                                     Modigliani Forum
December 03                                              Milan, Italy                                    Mediolanum Forum
December 14                                       Brussels, Belgium                                       Forest National
December 15                                            Lille, France                                                          Zenith
December 17                                           Dijon, France                                     Le Zenith de Dijon
December 19                                 Floirac, Bordeaux, France                                     Arkea Arena
December 20                                          Nantes, France                                                        Zenith
December 22                                             Paris, France                                    Accor Hotel Arena
January 24                                                 Caen, France                                                        Zenith
January 25                                                 Niort, France                                             L’Acclameur
January 29                                  Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg                                        Rockhal
January 30                                            Montbéliard, France                                              L’Axone
February 1                                                 Padova, Italy                                                       Kioene
February 2                                                Bolzano, Italy                                                   Palaonda
February 5                                                  Napoli, Italy                                            Palapartenope
February 7                                                   Bari, Italy                                                      Palaflorio
February 8                                         Reggio Calabria, Italy                                       Palacalafiore
February 13                                         Utrecht, Netherlands                 TivoliVredenburg – Ronda
February 14                                          Strasbourg, France                                                    Zenith
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