Michelle Wolf is Back With ‘Joke Show’ on Netflix – and She’s Got a Bit About Otter Sex



With music seemingly have backed down from its position at the front lines of the culture wars, comedy has been courageously storming the barricades in its place. And though speaking truth to power in a post-truth world may carry the faint whiff of futility about it, doing nothing would hardly be an acceptable alternative.

Female voices are especially significant in a #MeToo era when even the President publicly sanctions sexual assault. And Michelle Wolf‘s unflinchingly fearless (and really bloody hilarious) performance at the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner sent her rocketing to the front of the pack, after a notable run at The Daily Show. The hurt-feelings president later weighed in that, “So-called comedian Michelle Wolf bombed so badly.” Which obviously, of course, means she did completely the opposite.



Now she’s back with a new Netflix special, pithily titled Joke Show, and the first trailer is out. For it, a very funny bit on otters “raping” baby seals is excerpted. And just like all the best comedians do, she somehow makes a labradoodle breeding joke a metaphor for sexual consent. Even better, she sneaks in a potshot at Instagram. (“That’s how we prove life happens.”)

Joke Show debuts December 10 on Netflix. And if ever a year needed to end on a laugh, it is 2019. So, obviously, don’t miss it.


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