Melbourne, Vienna Top The Economist’s 2017 List of ‘Most Livable Cities’


The exalted Economist Intelligence Unit has just released its 2017 report on the World’s Most Livable Cities – with Melbourne, Vienna and Vancouver, hardly surprisingly, taking the top three spots.

Rounding out the list were Toronto, Calgary, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Helsinki and Hamburg – proving, as rather a lot of other evidence had lead us to suspect, that Australia and Canada should be given permission to basically just run the entire world. The survey takes in factors such as stability, healthcare, culture & entertainment, education and infrastructure.

Tellingly, with the US national healthcare system a profit-driven disgrace, and with a crumbling-infrastructure problem from coast-to-coast, not one American city could crack the ranks. Not shocking in the least, as America’s cities have been essentially handed over to cold-blooded real-estate developers, while services to the citizenry continue to decline.




Does this mean the denizens of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, even Houston, Minneapolis, Portland, Denver, etc., should think about an escape plan to the Great White North or Down Under? Actually, yes, it pretty much does – as that is where the future of progressive urban living would seem to lie. And hey – you don’t even have to learn a new language! (Though admittedly we sometimes still have no idea what our Aussie friends are going on about.)

A common thread running through the top ten? Well, if you hadn’t noticed, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Austria, Finland – none seem to be bothered about all that pesky “superpower” posturing. And all those missiles and warships they don’t build go to funding roads, trains, parks, education…and people not getting ripped off on healthcare.

Since you’re probably wondering, the cities you don’t want to live in? Kiev, Karachi, Algiers, Lagos, and, obviously, Damascus. Points lost, surely, for six years of bloody civil war.

(For a reconnaissance vacation before making the decision to move: Visit Melbourne, Vienna Info, Tourism Vancouver.)


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