Mandela Funeral, Breast Fraud, & More NSA: News Bites

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life; so here are your daily news bites….

18 LA Sheriff’s Officers Charged

Eighteen current and former Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department officers have been charged with abuse and misconduct inside the county jails. That’s soooo strange that there would be corruption amongst the LAPD?

Faulty French Breast Implant Maker Jailed

The head of a French company has been sentenced to four years in prison for distributing defective breast implants around the world. Fraud!

Obama & Thousands Attend Mandela Memorial

Obama said Mandela was a “giant of history,” describing him as the last great liberator of the 20th Century.

The NSA Is Totally Doing That Thing They Said They’re Not Doing

It’s comical at this point; except for the fact that it’s true. The NSA even spied on World of Warcraft….

10 Worst Right-Wing Statements — Smearing Mandela’s Memory

As can be expected, such heavy-hitting political morons as Palin and Limbaugh are on the list…

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