Los Angeles Design Studio Lux Typo + LA Mfg Launches Stylish ACLU SoCal Campaign


The very idea that the news of Trump’s Department of Homeland Security tracking news outlets, journalists, and social media influencers was not actually all that shocking is evidence of how far out of hand things have gotten. In such times, the work of the ACLU becomes more than just necessary – it is urgent, surely even exigent.

As the great Albert Camus so incisively put it, “A free press can, of course, be good or bad, but, most certainly without freedom, the press will never be anything but bad.”

To that end Los Angeles design studio Lux Typo + LA Mfg has launched a campaign to raise money for the ACLU Southern California, proffering a very stylish, and more importantly provocatively poignant First Amendment Tote Bag, currently for sale on their site. The regional ACLU chapter states its mission as being, “dedicated to ensuring that all people are free to express themselves – politically, artistically, socially and through other forms of personal expression – without government interference.”

Significantly, the bag was made in Los Angeles – not China – with custom typography/design by Lux Typo + LA Mfg founder Greg Lindy, and concept/broadside copy by LA-based social media consultant Nicole Martin.

“The ACLU has been on the frontline fighting for democracy every single day since Trump took office,” says Martin. “And truth be told, they need all the support they can get right now, since we’re on the brink of full-blown authoritarianism.”

Lindy explains of the bag’s bold, attention-grabbing design – for which he created the custom font Gustan Densa – “The font’s compact bold nature was designed to lend itself to urgent headlines where room is limited yet volume is needed.”

Standing up for free speech has never looked so chic.




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