Listen: Previously Unreleased Prince ‘Purple Rain’ Tracks

When Prince passed away on April 21, 2016, one of the burning questions concerned the extent to which unreleased material still existed within the Paisley Park vaults. The Purple One was, of course, nothing if not utterly prolific.

And so it is that an astonishingly comprehensive Deluxe [Expanded Edition] of Purple Rain has just been released, featuring several tracks seeing the light of day for the very first time. The three CDs include the classic original album, but in the form of a 2015 Paisley Park remaster; From the Vault & Previously Unreleased, which is fairly self-explanatory; and Single Edits & B-Sides, flaunting the likes of an extended version of “I Would Die 4 U” and a special dance mix of “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Of the previously unreleased tracks, highlights are the slinky “Electric Intercourse” (with Prince’s inimitable falsetto in fabulous form), the deeply melancholy “Father’s Song,” and “Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden,” with an alluring Lisa Coleman vocal on the former.

The package also includes a DVD, Prince And The Revolution, Live at the Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, March 30, 1985.

Meanwhile. there are still several dates left on The Revolution tour, which includes members of Prince’s original band, playing songs from that era. Don’t miss it, if you don’t have to.


Disc One: Original Album (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)
  1.      Let’s Go Crazy
  2.      Take Me With U
  3.      The Beautiful Ones
  4.      Computer Blue
  5.      Darling Nikki
  6.      When Doves Cry
  7.      I Would Die 4 U
  8.      Baby I’m A Star
  9.      Purple Rain
Disc Two: From The Vault & Previously Unreleased
  1.      The Dance Electric
  2.      Love and Sex
  3.      Computer Blue (“Hallway Speech” version)
  4.      Electric Intercourse (studio)
  5.      Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden
  6.      Possessed (1983 version)
  7.     Wonderful Ass
  8.      Velvet Kitty Cat
  9.      Katrina’s Paper Dolls
  10.      We Can Fuck
  11.      Father’s Song
Disc Three: Single Edits & B-Sides
  1.      When Doves Cry (edit)
  2.      17 Days
  3.      Let’s Go Crazy (edit)
  4.      Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)
  5.      Erotic City
  6.      Erotic City (“Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive”)
  7.      Purple Rain (edit)
  8.      God
  9.      God (Love Theme From Purple Rain)
  10.      Another Lonely Christmas
  11.      Another Lonely Christmas (extended version)
  12.      I Would Die 4 U (edit)
  13.      I Would Die 4 U (extended version)
  14.     Baby I’m A Star (edit)
  15.     Take Me With U (edit)
DVD: Prince And The Revolution, Live at the Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, March 30, 1985
  1.      Let’s Go Crazy
  2.      Delirious
  3.      1999
  4.      Little Red Corvette
  5.      Take Me With U
  6.      Do Me, Baby
  7.      Irresistible Bitch
  8.      Possessed
  9.      How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
  10.      Let’s Pretend We’re Married
  11.      International Lover
  12.      God
  13.      Computer Blue
  14.      Darling Nikki
  15.      The Beautiful Ones
  16.      When Doves Cry
  17.      I Would Die 4 U
  18.     Baby I’m A Star
  19.     Purple Rain
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