Listen: New Foster the People Single ‘Pick U Up’ is a Study in New Wave Cool

Image by Neil Krug



One thing about Foster the People, they’re never afraid to go off script. And groovariffic new single “Pick U Up” finds them going all new wave funk-deesko, unabashedly recalling Tom Tom Club and Remain in Light era Talking Heads. Weren’t expecting that, right?

Over a sly groove, slithery guitar riffing and big synth-horn blasts make for a particularly slinky-but-exuberant track. And Mark Foster is in a particularly literate mode, infusing the proceedings with esoteric lyrical couplets – “He walks like Elvis Presley / ‘Cause a Bentley costs a million bucks” – and cooly clever wordplay like, “These veteran social climbers / Ambition and desires / A cocktail of charm and explicit pics.”

We get it.


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