Listen: New Anders / Rich the Kid Single ‘Sticky Situation’ is Sonically Based on Cannabis



If cannabis had a defining quality, it would surely be scent. After all, no one has ever mistaken the smell of weed for, well…anything but.

Yet what if the “sonic” qualities of cannabis plants could be harvested, and used to make music that could, um, take you higher? Which is what Toronto R&B singer Anders and L.A. rapper Rich the Kid have just done with their new single “Sticky Situation” – released today via EOne. With an assist from Drake producer FrancisGotHeat, it utilizes extracted vibrations and bio-rhythmic sounds that MERRY JANE, a cannabis lifestyle company (you knew that was coming), was able to cull from the base plant.



The track itself is a sultry slice of R&B/hip-hop, with sly, languid beats and spooky atmospherics. But it was MERRY JANE that actually extracted samples created from cannabis strains, by recording electrical currents running through the plant, and converting them to raw midi audio files – which FrancisGotHeat then manipulated and mixed.

“I’m very excited for people to hear this project,” says Kai Henry, Chief Strategy Officer at MERRY JANE. “We [got] something entirely different from cannabis plants by extracting vibrations and bio-rhythmic sounds from our own Sticky Situation strain to create this song. [We are] proud to be the first media company in the world to release music from a cannabis plant.”

Don’t expect them to be the last.


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