Listen: Mrs. Piss Are Making Ominous Music For Harrowing Times



We’ve never made a secret of our love for Chelsea Wolfe, and her six albums of haunted, gothic blues. But her latest project, the unflinchingly monikered Mrs. Piss, finds her veering off even farther into the darker corners of the sonic spectrum and the human psyche.

A musical partnership with multi-instrumentalist Jess Gowrie, a full album, the eerily titled Self Surgery, will be released via Sargent House on May 29. But in the meantime, they’re teasing it with a pair of thundering tracks, that sound as if they had deliberately set about to destroy a roomful of amplifiers. The first, “Knelt,” is a menacing, funereal dirge, perfectly timed to the death toll wracking up all around us.



But the more ideologically titled “Downer Surrounded by Uppers” is high-speed-noise at its most harrowing and bone chilling. Indeed, with its galloping drums, distortion-drenched guitars, and Wolfe howling out, “I know you want it baby / I know you want it now,” it’s like a lost Sonic Youth gem from 1991, but with effects pedals borrowed from My Bloody Valentine.

“It was freeing to channel some wild energies that I don’t typically put into my own music,” she explains. “We tried not to overthink the songs as we were writing them, but at the same time we did consciously put a lot into crafting them into our own weird sonic vision. This project was a chance for us to do things our own way, on our own terms, and we plan to invite more women musicians along for future Mrs. Piss recordings.”

From where we stand, that can’t happen soon enough.


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