Listen: Aussie Songstress Montaigne’s New Single ‘Ready’ is an Anthem of Self-Possession



As another Pride Month winds down, we’re all too reminded of how far the struggle for equality still has to go. So we’re particularly excited to see the month off with the heroic new single by Aussie queer pop up-and-comer Montaigne (real name Jessica Cerro).

Tellingly titled “Ready” (from her upcoming second album Complex) she poignantly documents a life moment where breaking free from fear and uncertainty seems the only way forward. Her courageously self-possessed lyrics are indeed shot through with the thrill of possibility: “I’m out on the wind / So catch my wings / I think I’m ready to go / Feel like the barrel of dynamite waiting for a flame to come ’round.” And who hasn’t felt that way at some point?



Musically, it moves from elegant, reflective ballad into an explosive, almost industrial tinged R&B anthem, with thundering drums, and Montaigne’s chill-inducing vocal performance. It’s the sound of empowerment x 100…at least.

Recipient of a Best Breakthrough Artist ARIA Award (the Australian Grammys), she’s already shared a bill with the likes of Blondie and Cyndi Lauper, and won praise from Sia herself for her remarkable cover of the latter’s beloved track “Chandelier.” And though as of yet she’s only scheduled to tour her home country, you can pretty well expect to hear much more from her in 2019.


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