Lena Dunham Wants YOU to Vote

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Photo via BFAnyc.com

On October 12th, I was a lucky attendee at the Austin stop on Lena Dunham’s #notthatkindoftour.

It was a Sunday night at the Central Presbyterian Church in Austin, TX, hundreds assembled, some having waited on line for hours, to hear Lena Dunham read three beautiful chapters from her book Not That Kind Of Girl and then seamlessly transition into an impassioned speech about her visit to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas earlier in the day. Glamour launched the video made by Lena that you can watch below, but this video is an exclusive filmed by me! (Writer’s note: I made great effort to keep a steady hand in spite of simultaneously laughing and crying and having lots of emotions in general).

If you missed Lena’s U.S. tour but have already read and loved Not That Kind Of Girl as much as we do, then we think you’ll love this incredible chat she gave (the girl had no notes) about why she chose to bring Planned Parenthood along for her wild ride.

ld insta 3

photo credit to my mama who, after all these stories, I will admit to you, organized PPFA’s involvement on Ms. Dunham’s book tour @carenspruch

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Instagram: My own, @sarajanenyc. Backstage after the reading. Left-to-right: me (Sara), Lena, and my cousin Sara 🙂

Yesterday, however, a far more artistic video exclusively launched on Glamour.com. Ms. Dunham made it to help Get Out The Vote (this Tuesday, people!). “I used to think that all that mattered was that you, you know, vote for Obama, then go back to eating Cheetos and reading gossip magazines. But the fact is, the midterm elections matter,” Dunham jokes in the video.  She then makes her call to action: “When you show up to the polls, you empower yourself, you empower the women you love, and you take control of your own body back from politicians who don’t want the best for you.”

Election day is tomorrow. Head to Women are Watching to get all the voting info you need.