Largest Hotel in the World to Open in Mecca

Saudi Arabia will soon be home to the largest hotel in the world, Abraj Kudai, Arabian Business reported yesterday. Set to be completed in 2017, the luxury hotel, designed by architectural firm Dar Al Handasah will house 10,000 rooms in 12 separate towers. Luxury hotels are nothing if not for their amenities, and this one will feature 70 restaurants, a shopping mall, rooftop helipads, and a full-size convention center. The 3.5 billion dollar best online casino site is not-so-coincidentally located 2 kilometers away from Mecca’s holy mosque, Masjid al-Haram, and parts of the complex will be dedicated to Hajj visitors.

The artist rendering of Abraj Kudai (pictured above) shows how its design is meant to depict a “traditional desert fortress.” The center dome will soon be one of the largest in the world (but who’s keeping track?), and of the towers that surround it, 10 will have certified four-star accommodations and two will be five-star, catering to the elite of the elite. So far, its pastel hues and literal towering height make it a very plausible setting for a Grand Budapest Hotel sequel set in the Middle East. Although instead of a funicular, there are car parks and a bus stop.

When it opens, the luxury hotel will upstage the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as the largest hotel in the world, which has a little over 6,100 rooms.

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