Kim Petras Responds Brilliantly to Anti-LGBTQ Protests in Kansas City

Images by Melissa Murdick / Gilbert Soliz



The Westboro Baptist Church should have evaporated into the ether a long time ago. But their virulently anti-LGBTQ ideology has surely been emboldened by a Mike Pence vice presidency and the and 81% rate of Evangelical support for President 45.

One imagines that Kim Petras has been the subject of a lot of Westboro meetings – something that was clearly evident by their hateful/ignorant protests last night outside her concert in Kansas City, one of the last few shows on the North American leg of her current Clarity Tour – which concludes December 8 in San Diego. Cuddly church members braved the cold to hold up such tolerance-defying signs as “Tranny Sin Dooms Nation,” “God Sent the Shooter in Fury,” and the old classic, “God Still Hates Fags.”



The transgender singer and rising star’s shows have become havens of safety and solidarity for the LGTBQ community. And her responses – including a hilarious Instagram meme, and strutting in front of the protestors in a skin-tight bodysuit and thigh-high boots after the show – affirmed her bravery in standing up for them.

After a Christmas break, Petras will head off to Europe for the continuation of The Clarity Tour, which will take her from Amsterdam to London throughout January and February. Her hit single “Icy” has already racked up 215 million streams.



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