Karen O Has Her Own Rosé Wine – And It’s Supporting the Black Trans Community




If we’re being honest, we assumed that during four months of quarantine, Karen O would be emerging from lockdown having solved most of the world’s problems (including the worrisome question of just where Interpol’s Carlos D has disappeared to all these years). But either way, we’re undoubtedly impressed with the first result of her sheltering-in creativity: 18 hand-painted wine bottles, conjured in conjunction with the hip Napa Valley winery Ashes & Diamonds.

Each magnum bottle features a unique work by the truly amazing Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer / chief-fashion-provocateur, making them highly covetable—if only for the bragging rights of having a little piece of Ms. O’s inimitable soul proudly displayed in your home. But since the $250 price also gets you a liquid imbibable, you may even consider popping to the cork to enjoy A & D’s singularly refreshing rosé wine.



But there’s a more serious side to the project as well. Proceeds go to support The Okra Project, which provides food assistance and education to the black trans community around the globe. They and we can all be thankful that the worldwide quarantine at least unleashed something long dormant in the multifariously-talented singer.

“The part of my brain that I use to make music shut off when the pandemic hit,” explains Her Awesomeness, “so this quiet project of falling into a Kenneth Anger-esque fairytale was a nice place to go when I couldn’t go anywhere. Where I could lean my head on the shoulder of Lou Reed’s muse Rachel as the underworld closed in around us, where nymphs have tangled tresses and swim with stilettos, where I could wash and be clean in the smoke and the rain. I’m grateful to Ashes & Diamonds for the opportunity to support The Okra Project, who provide meals and resources to the Black Trans community. This little project fed the soul in these troubled times.”

That’s exactly how we would have said it.



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