Johari Noelle Releases Stunning Debut Single ‘Show Me’ – Is She the Next Great R&B Singer?


She could probably get a record deal just on the incontestable coolness of her name – which sounds like some sort of African-superhero-Christmas-goddess. But Johari Noelle actually first came to national attention in 2016 on the Kelly Rowland show Chasing Destiny. Since then, she has taken on a few small acting roles – as in the hit series’ Empire and Proven Innocent – while readying the launch of her music career in earnest.

This May 31 at long last sees the release of her debut EP, the sagely titled Things You Can’t Say Out Loud. And the first single, “Show Me,” has us predicting monumental things for the soulful, Chicago born songstress. Conveying a remarkable maturity – complex instrumentation, alluring arrangements, along with her sultry, intoxicating vocal performance – it leaves one with a thrilling sense of her possibilities.



“’Show Me’ is a sensual song that encourages working through the kinks in a relationship,” she explains, “In a world where people people just drop things quick when they get hard or lose understanding, it’s important to dig deep and understand your partner and yourself. This song is about the desire to learn your partner’s love language, and an exploration of that feeling.”

Indeed, even her wisdom is well beyond her years.

N.B. –  Johari will celebrate the release of the EP with a special performance at Chicago’s Promontory on June 5. Advance tickets can be purchased here.



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