Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work We Will Miss

Photo via IFC Films

Today will be one of those days that you won’t forget where you were when you found out the news that true comedic great Joan Rivers passed away. 

Unflinchingly fearless and ferociously talented, Rivers was nothing short of an icon, garnering a wealth of love, respect, and admiration as a comedian, actor, director,  producer,  television host, mother, with her sharp-tongued wit and biting  jokes about the A-listers we all love to hate. At age 81 she couldn’t give any more shits, yet was quicker, more on her feet, and consistently more hilarious than comedians a third of her age. Her life and career  was traumatic and triumphant enough for a series on Lifetime, a series she certainly would make fun of herself.

Everyone has an opinion about Joan Rivers and she has an even smarter opinion about you. She’s lasted a career that spans more lifetimes than herself. Joan will forever be missed and never forgotten.

The Late Show with Joan Rivers 

Joan Rivers on The Ed Sullivan Show

Joan Rivers ,1982

Stand up comedy, 1974

Louis CK: Sex with Joan Rivers

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