Jimmy Kimmel Skit Hilariously Explains Why It’s Wrong to Deny Gay Couples Wedding Cakes

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Image courtesy of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!


The February 2018 issue of GQ features Jimmy Kimmel on the cover, with the emphatic tag line Kimmel is Killing It.

Nothing, of course, could be more true of the beloved late night host. Indeed, he has definitively captured the zeitgeist with his incisive ongoing observations on subjects like health care and LGBT rights, while also nailing the absurdity of it all with recurring bits like Drunk Donald Trump.

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he had another one of those moments, decisively sorting out the debate on whether American bakeries had the right to refuse making wedding cakes for gay couples. In it, he plays a waiter in a restaurant, who keeps having to deny specific food orders to a quartet of customers, based on things like religion and sexual orientation. (He sneers at a woman trying to order a salad, “Aren’t you a picky lesbian?”)

Watch the whole hilarious skit here.