Jimmy Kimmel Brilliantly Parodies Trump in ‘Schoolhouse Rock – I’m Just a Lie’

Stephen Colbert has notably taken a more scathing approach to his comic critique of the almost daily absurdities that have characterized the Trump administration. But often Jimmy Kimmel’s less aggressively biting parodies yield more pithy, incisive results (witness the hilariously lacerating ongoing bit Drunk Donald Trump.)

But he may have struck the decisive parodic blow last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Schoolhouse Rock – I’m Just a Lie, referencing a decades old, but universally recognized kids’ education cartoon. Trump’s tendency to deal in “alternative facts” gets a genius take down, with an animated character called “Lie” brilliantly lamenting in song, “I just popped out of the President’s brain / And the very idea of me’s completely insane.”

It might be the sharpest, most cutting work of humor yet during the four-month-old Trump presidency.


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