Influencers-Only Mural in LA Opens to Non-Influencers


If the steady onslaught of “influencers” on social media is cause for an eye-roll or two as you scroll through your daily feed, it might annoy but not surprise you that a mural open only to said influencers was recently unveiled in LA. Apparently a satirical move to promote some new self-aware project about said influencers, the reactions to the mural have been about as predictable as a street art mural such as this popping up in LA.

The seemingly generic angel wings over a pink heart reads “City of Angels” at the top, with “Love” and “Art” at the bottom, complete with a verified checkmark above the heart. It was created to promote Like & Subscribe, an upcoming Go90 scripted comedy about YouTubers – and which is produced by and stars platinum-selling music artist Dillon Francis . But in order to even see the mural, let alone take a photo in front of it, an onsite security guard had to confirm that visitors either had 20,000 followers or a verified checkmark.


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But thanks to some apparent outrage over this contemporary form of elitism or digital age caste system, if you will, the mural has now been opened to “non-verified influencers.” (The verified checkmark has been removed, just to clear up any confusion.) Like & Subscribe announced the move in an Instagram post, citing “immense public pressure and petitions.” But the pseudo damage control is likely as manufactured a move as the mural’s original satirical intentions.

“Folks, it’s doesnt matter if ur a verified influencer online…what matters is if youre a verified influencer in your heart,” the caption reads.

If you’re so inclined to strike a classic influencer pose in front of the mural, be it ironic or not, it’s located at Sportie LA on Melrose.


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