Hospitality Health: COMO Shambhala Launches Digital Wellness Program



Mind. Body. Balance. How do we keep everything together when our anxiety gets the best of us, and we find ourselves trading off our pre-pandemic workout routine for a Netflix binge—all the while giving into our cravings for junk food and mind numbing substances? Logic, along with health and wellness gurus, suggest that eating a nutritious diet balanced with vitamins and minerals, and getting some form of physical activity, whatever your preference may be, will literally help to minimize the stress and worry, and improve overall health.

If those worries are combined with a longing for lost travel opportunities, the award winning conscious travel brand COMO Shambhala have just launched a virtual wellness program tailored specifically for our current involuntary stay-at-home lifestyle. Keeping true to their healthy living philosophy, the digital platform vividly brings to the small screen the holistic approach found at their plush but tranquil properties (from Bali to Bhutan to the Maldives and beyond), to help recover and restore well being through the likes of yoga, pilates, mindfulness meditation, etc.



Tapping into their global network of experts, the curated classes are designed for all level of practice, and are accessible on any device, from the comforts of home; more extensive programs include one-on-one  sessions with expert nutritionists, naturopaths, and physiotherapists. Unlimited access to the video tutorials is available with a monthly subscription at

COMO Shambhala is part of COMO Hotels, a collection of hotels, resorts and urban escapes, which are committed to nurturing balance in the body, mind and spirit. With summer around the bend (and sheltering-in measures easing), its a wonderful way to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle regiment, while also satisfying your wanderlust.


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