Hipster Beekeepers, 3D Guns, + The Death of the Homepage

What the Death of Homepages Means for the Future of News
News publishers lost the homepage firehose and gained a social media flood. It’s making the news more about readers, and less about news.

How 3-D Printed Guns Evolved Into Serious Weapons In Just One Year
The 27-year-old Japanese man arrested last week for allegedly owning illegal 3-D printed firearms did more than simply download and print other enthusiasts’ designs.

Building Fully-Automatic Wolverine Claws
We’re glad these aren’t commercially available, because we’d never take them off and end up stabbing ourselves in our sleep.

Photos Of The Room Where The NSA Plants Bugs In Electronics
Welcome to the bug factory!

Sterling Refuses to Pay NBA Fine
The attorney, Maxwell M. Blecher also wrote that Sterling doesn’t warrant “any punishment at all” for his racist comments that were recorded in a conversation with a female friend and made public.

MTA Scrambles To Keep Up With “Entitled” Millennials’ Expectations
“The Millennials’ expectations are really things that we thought were luxuries when we first rode the system, but they think are entitlements—and they are our customers.”

Urban Hipster Beekeepers Are All The Buzz
Show me the honey!

Drunk Driver Crashes Right Into NYPD HQ


Party Monster Michael Alig Mostly Blames Murder On Drugs, Victim

“So does he think of himself as a murderer? ‘No,’ Mr. Ailg said the other week before his release. ‘I think of myself as a drug addict who made some really, really, really poor choices, like the worst choices ever.”


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