Grimes Walked Off Stage Mid-Set at Barclays Center

Photo via Facebook

Opening for Florence & the Machine last night at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Stella McCartney muse Grimes walked off stage mid-set with no clear explanation as to why. “We just had a really disturbing thing happen to us today, so sorry if my voice is shaking,” she told her audience before disappearing. “It’s just kind of a fucked day.” After the show, she ambiguously responded to the incident on Twitter, telling her fans she’ll explain once she can “safely and legally do so.”

Following the murder of 22-year-old Christina Grimmie, who was gunned down during an Orlando signing last Friday, the mystery behind Grimes’ “disturbing” experience is unsettling—especially because there’s safety and legality involved. The singer/producer advised her fans to ignore online rumors, and announced she has a new song coming out on the Suicide Squad soundtrack called, “Medieval Warfare.”

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