#GivingTuesday: Five Charities That Are Changing the World



By now, despite vigorous but unfounded capitalist objections, we can mostly agree that the unsustainable drive for global economic growth is effectively destroying our planet. So with another Black (Bleak?) Friday upon us, the Buy Nothing Day movement, officially kicked off in 1997 in Vancouver, is riding an accelerated wave of support this year – surely driven by an increasing fear of environmental apocalypse.

And though it may not be inspiring people to beat each other up over the last X-Box,  yet another Cyber Monday will only add to the consumerist profligacy that has led us to this grim situation.




With that said, we would like to humbly suggest that everyone takes 10 – 25% of their shopping budget this year, and donates it to a worthy charity this coming #GivingTuesday. Consider first local/community organizations, i.e. soup kitchens, LGBTQ support groups, homeless shelters.

But for those who tend to think globally, and act globally, here are five charities that are facing down the nationwide/planet-wide challenges and injustices of these turbulent times we are living through, and genuinely making a difference.



Spearheaded by Emma Watson in 2014, HeForShe is a UN affiliated organization that works towards the eradication of violence against women worldwide – admittedly a herculean task. The goal is to increase the awareness and participation of men in achieving total gender equality – and to that end, they have already registered more than 2.1 million commitments from those eager to join the crusade. With women’s rights currently under assault in America and elsewhere, there has never been a more imperative time.
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H2O Africa was launched in 2006 with the high-profile support of actor Matt Damon, stating a goal of working effectively to bring awareness to clean water shortages in Africa. It has since evolved into Water.org, empowering people around the world by providing access to clean water and sanitation from Ethiopia to Bangaldesh to Honduras. The exigency of this mission is emphasized by the numbers: 785 million people globally are in dire need every day.
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The Trevor Project

Founded in 1998 as a suicide prevention project for at risk LGBT youth, it has become a beacon of hope for the community – at a time when so many feel under threat from a rising tide of anti-LGBTQ sentiment. The Trevor Lifeline is exactly that, with trained counselors offering judgment-free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emotional support to those tragically considering ending their lives.
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International Rescue Committee

With the Syrian refugee crisis more desperate than ever, it’s easy to feel a sense of hopelessness in regards to how one can help. But the International Rescue Committee of the Red Cross – founded in 1933 at the urging of Albert Einstein – has already made a difference in the lives nearly one million people affected by the deadly nine year conflict. Indeed, they have financially assisted displaced families, provided physical and mental health care to thousands, and created safe spaces for women and girls under constant threat of violence. With no end in sight to the civil war, the IRC’s work remains crucial.
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Fair Fight 2020

For many, perhaps nothing seems as urgent right now as the protection of American democratic norms from those who would seek to interfere with them – whether foreign or domestic forces. And founded earlier this year by Georgia  political firebrand Stacey Abrams, Fair Fight PAC has taken up the fight against voter suppression is all its forms, seeking to protect the voting rights of minorities and young people across the country. With possibly the most pivotal presidential election just a year away, it’s a cause whose urgency cannot be overstated.
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