First Trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen Goes Undercover in Netflix’ ‘The Spy’


With Official Secrets opening August 30, and Netflix’ The Spy coming the following weekend, it appears that we’ll be transitioning awkwardly from summer fun to harrowing historical espionage.

The latter, a six-episode mini-series, stars Sacha Baron Cohen as the real life Eli Cohen, a top Israeli spy on an extended undercover mission in Syria during the 1960s. History has it that Cohen the spy was so adept and cunning at his job, that he managed to infiltrate the highest levels of Syria’s anti-Israel policy makers.

In the trailer, Cohen as Cohen is seen smoothly schmoozing his way into the circles of the Syrian elite, though he is genuinely risking his life – all well as his entire sense of self.

The Spy debuts on Netflix September 6.


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