First Trailer: Anya-Taylor Joy is Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’



It boggles the mind that 23 years has passed since a young Gwyneth Paltrow played the legendarily meddling, I-know-better-than-everyone-but-I-really-don’t character Emma Woodhouse in the 1996 (cringe) Miramax film, simply titled Emma. And charming as she was, as fans of the original Jane Austen novel of the same name, we always thought someone might come along and give the role a bit more panache and pizzaz.

Now comes that opportunity, with director Autumn de Wilde’s eagerly anticipated new update, due out (how appropriately) this coming Valentine’s Day, 2020, via Focus Features. Indeed, Emma is well-known for interfering in the love lives of everyone around her, while remaining completely clueless how to manage her own.



This time another American (born, at least), Anya-Taylor Joy, takes on the role – though she is hardly well known, save for a recent recurring turn in Netflix’ Peaky Blinders. And from the first trailer, which we are debuting here, she seems to play Emma with the expected level of naive cheek and self-satisfied sauciness.

The film also stars Johnny Flynn, the always magnificent Bill Nighy as Emma’s father, and period film mainstay Rupert Graves as Mr. Weston. De Wilde is mostly known as a music video director (Beck, Rilo Kiley, Florence & the Machine), so perhaps this Emma will have a bit of the postmodern rocker about her.

We can only wait and see.


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