First Look: Totally Surreal Trailer for the Upcoming Melanie Martinez Film ‘K-12’



Though Melanie Martinez rose to public acclaim in the most conventional of ways – as a contestant on The Voice – it was obvious there was something intriguingly kooky about her. Sure enough, as her 2015 debut album Cry Baby (we like to think it was named for the John Waters film) rocketed her to fame, she retained a noticeable similarity to such eccentric fringe dwellers as Dresden Dolls, Regina Spektor and CocoRosie.

So her “warning” in 2017 that she would be producing a film tied directly to each song on her second album, left many assuming it would make Lady Gaga seem like Dora the Explorer. And, judging from this first trailer for K-12…it does.



Shot on location in Budapest, Ms. Martinez assumes the character of Cry Baby (we do love a bit of meta), in some utterly surreal, wonderfully pastel, and deeply disturbing amalgam of Marie Antoinette, Clueless and Carrie. For the sake of it, let’s just say that Billie Eilish looks awfully calculated and commonplace by comparison.

The complete film will premiere in New York and Los Angeles theaters on September 5 – and the K-12 album is planned for release the following day. Obviously, things will only get weirder from there.

(N.B. Melanie Martinez’ extensive North American tour kicks off October 13 in D.C., with a portion of the proceeds benefitting The Trevor Project. The European leg of the tour will launch December 2 in Dublin.)


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